All words and music copyrighted by Harvey Scodel.

Duo Bluezach (September-December 2021):  Helen Crosby, vocals; Harvey Scodel, guitar, compositions.

There’s a Man Comin” Round Takin’ Names

That’s Why I’m Falling in Love

Stay Cool

Commuter Blues

Duo Bluezach (January 2021):  Helen Crosby, vocals; Harvey Scodel, guitar, compositions; Gregg Weiss, bass (“We Can Talk About Love”) and recording.

We Can Talk About Love

I’m Cryin’

O Niccolo (English version)

Lord I’m Sure You Know

Earlier Solo Recordings, all words, music, and guitar performance by Harvey Scodel.  Production of “Intellectual Crooks” and “Lord I’m Sure You Know” by Bobby Scott, aka Squid Vicious.

Intellectual Crooks – big production number

  Blues for MF (Milton Friedman)

Philosopher’s Funk – Watch out, James Brown

I Want to Spend My Life in School – sorry about the ending.   This is an old recording done in a single take.

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  1. Hey Harvey,
    Thanks for this (although it’s kept me up way past my bedtime).
    I listened to the whole list one after the other. They’ve all got their merits, but here’s betting “Blues for MF” goes to the top of the charts.
    To get into the details, I like Newton rhyming with futon, but you sort of copped out on hermeneutic; didn’t you (place appropriate smiley face between these parentheses)

  2. Intellectual Crooks is right on the money Harv. Great little tune for which I already have found a place in my silly little Nipponland film. But as it is silly I’ll only be able to pay you royalties in ‘francs anciens’ (not adjusted for inflation). So perhaps you’d just prefer a free cold beer. Seriously, only changes I’d make is the length. Is there an under 3 minute version in the works? In that case I’d expand the ‘middle eight’ , with even rougher punctuation to keep the listener from possibly succumbing to monotony by the fourth minute or so. It is after all a rather simple melody. If not maybe vary the tonal color of the background brass a bit (switch to some tuba, a few bass flicks,even the shake of a tambourine?) I don’t know. Just watch out that Randy Newman doesn’t steal this one from you for his next Oscar winner.

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