Everyone should listen to this edition of Doug Henwood’s “Behind the News” (March 13, 2010).


First, you will hear one of the best interviews I have heard about the financial crisis.  The first interviewee is a woman who has written a new book about the financial crisis, and who blogs at Naked Capitalism, under the pseudonym of Yves Smith.  She had experience in investment banking on Wall Street in the 1980’s and now works as a financial consultant.  Everything she says rings true to me.


The second interview is with economist Robert Poland and is also quite good.

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    1. I am emending the heading to read “Doug Henwood, Often Indispensable.” That’s very high praise from me. The original post was written at four in the morning, and “Behind the News” was already in my Blogroll. I greatly enjoyed your book “Wall Street.”

      Perhaps you would consider playing “Blues for MF” in one of your musical interludes. Check it out. And thank you for commenting on my blog.

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